Saturday, December 17, 2011


Basher by plushplex
Basher, a photo by plushplex on Flickr.

Now Availiable @ plushplex on etsy

Via Flickr:
Basher likes to smash his head into things.

Clobber World is a planet inhabited by millions of ferocious beast. It’s run by clans of monsters known as Clobbererz with massive arms capable of crushing some of the hardest objects known. They are constantly warring over the control of the planets natural resources and remain in a state of tug of war.
They are all unique and have different characteristics that make them particularly useful under certain circumstances. While most Clobbererz fall in with the typical grind, a few choose to use their talents in heroic task of valor and honor. They are heroes.

by plushplex

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