Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ok, ok, I'm gonna blog, really, this time i'm serious....

So as you probably already know, I'm plushplex and I am a plush designer. I am the creator of the Glum Ninja Bodyguard series, as well as CLOBBERWORLD, WINSTON, GELATOMIN, THE BEAST BAKERY, PASTRY-SAN, MAMBIYOKO and ELLECBEE. I've attempted to blog before and failed miserably. I am terribly inconsistent at everything because I am constantly inspired and sidetracked, always busy sketching out new ideas. With this blog, I hope to keep fans of my work up to date on my new creations, give a bit of insight into my process, and connect with other creative folks. Sooo, please follow my blog and check back often, there will be giveaways, contest, and opportunities to get first dibs on new plushies before they go on sale at my official shop:

Stay tuned!

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